28 Oct 2007 Interview: Lars and the Real Girl

On today's podcast we talk with Craig Gillespie, the director of a new film called Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling. Despite the silly premise — a lonely, delusional man carries on a relationship with a life-size doll, much to the dismay of his relatives — this film caught my eye because of Gosling's involvement, and fans of Six Feet Under will recognize the name of the screenwriter, Nancy Oliver. Gosling, of course, was one of the people who made last year's Half Nelson such a great film, one of my faves.

Lars and the Real Girl isn't in the same league, but it's not just the throwaway comedy that I thought it might be. While others have aptly compared the film to Frank Capra's Harvey, starring Jimmy Stewart, on our podcast, J. Robert Parks talks with Gillespie about the character's similarity to Don Quixote.

Duration: 23:32

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