07 Nov 2007 Discussion: Hou Hsiao-hsien's Three Times

On this edition of the podcast, J. Robert Parks and I talk about one of my favorite movies from last year, Three Times by the great Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsiao-hsien. I like the film a lot more than Parks, and here I present a rambling defense. Stand clear.

We also spend a fair bit of time talking also about one of his earlier films, Good Men, Good Women, which was on the 2004 edition of my all-time faves list, and I wager that it'll still be up there on the next version of that list.

0:00 Intro and Corrections
3:30 "Put that into context..."
7:37 Good Men, Good Women
14:01 Generation vs Generation?
16:27 Millennium Mambo
18:36 Breaking the Rules
24:40 Frustration
26:20 Deceptive Simplicity?
30:35 Revisiting vs Rehashing
32:26 Silence
34:59 Personal Experimentation
38:33 Expectations
41:20 Outro and Next Time

Next Time: We'll talk about new films from the Coen brothers and Wes Anderson.

Duration: 42:44

Further Reading

• Jonathan Rosenbaum writing in The Chicago Reader
on Three Times
on Good Men, Good Women
on Millennium Mambo

• Dag Sødtholt writing in Senses of Cinema on Three Times

• News about Hou's next project, a kung-fu film called Assassin starring the actors of Three Times. Yes, seriously.