11 Dec 2007 Discussion: No Country for Old Men and The Darjeeling Limited

On this edition of the podcast, we talk about the latest films from the Coen brothers and Wes Anderson.

0:00 Intro and Answer to the Puzzler
2:20 No Country for Old Men
3:05 Outro

— strangely, the podcast continues —

4:41 No Country for Old Men (bis)
13:44 The Darjeeling Limited
19:08 Darjeeling vs. No Country
21:19 Outro: Revisiting Movies

— blithely, the podcast continues —

23:25 Spoiler Warning
24:23 In Depth: No Country for Old Men
34:07 - The Principled Man
38:30 - The Good Guy
42.34 - The Voice of Reason / The Hand of God
46:43 - The Soul Adrift
49:19 - Interplay with the Audience
52:38 - A Troubling Disparity
59:55 Outro: Listener Feedback, Next Time

Next Time: Highlights from the New York Film Festival
Coming Soon: A year-end speed round, plus year-end interviews

Duration: 1:03:26

Further Reading

A. O. Scott, David Edelstein, and Jonathan Rosenbaum on No Country for Old Men (yea, yea, nay, respectively)

• Darren Hughes reacts to a screening of No Country for Old Men

• My essay on The Darjeeling Limited and the accompanying short