15 Feb 2008 Twelve Films, The Savages, I'm Not There

On this edition of the podcast, we catch up with twelve films that are in theaters now or will be on DVD soon.

0:00 Intro
3:29 The Savages (Jenkins)
12:26 I'm Not There (Haynes)
24:25 My Kid Could Paint That (Bar-Lev)

— speed round —

38:19 The Red Balloon (Lamorisse)
41:06 White Mane (Lamorisse)
44:50 Lions for Lambs (Redford)
47:53 Rendition (Hood)
51:45 Juno (Reitman)
55:45 There Will Be Blood (Anderson)
58:28 Youth Without Youth (Coppola)
62:09 Redacted (De Palma)
63:36 Margot at the Wedding (Baumbach)
66:43 Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Lumet)
68:47 Outro

Coming Up: Our 2007 year-in-review, to be issued before the end of 2008, which makes it timely.

Duration: 1:10:00

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