05 Mar 2012 Line Describing a Cone

Spectators stand amid Line Describing a Cone 2.0 (McCall, 2010)

On this edition of the podcast, Robert Davis and J. Robert Parks talk about Line Describing a Cone and whatever tangents it inspires.

Did they talk for 40 minutes about a beam of light projected through a smoky room, and then feel like things were left unsaid? Did they reference the Millenium Falcon and Andy Warhol and Richard Serra and the industry-wide shift from film to digital video? Did they claim to have watched people sleep and trains pass for hours but only when mediated by a rectangle projected from a distant lens? Did Rob make a faux pas at least once while he was inside the cone?


Discussion: Line Describing a Cone (McCall, 1973)
Duration: 50:36
Someone observes You and I, Horizontal (McCall, 2005) through an iPhone